Warning: This post is very random and has no point, other than to amuse myself and my husband.

For some odd reason, I've been holding out on posting any of the photos I took while in NYC waaaay back in September and I'm finally ready to share. Well, okay, it's not really for some "odd reason"... I know the reason, it's not a mystery to me. Basically, in a nutshell, I don't think I got any good shots while there! My husband and I were so busy enjoying ourselves and our time without kids that seriously, I hardly even took any! And then, the ones I did take, kinda... well, they kinda suck. In my own defense though, I was on a moving tour bus while taking about 99% of all the photos I took... so there. That's my excuse.

Guess this is a good place to start:
They call him "The Naked Cowboy". He stands in the middle of Time Square. Playing a guitar. Naked. Making money. Tough life.
And, yes... I know it's blurry. Tour bus, remember?
Moving right along...
This is mine and my husband's shadow in the lake in Central Park... I'm the shadow on the left.
On top of the Empire State Building:
Visiting Strawberry Fields which is across from the Dakota Building, where John Lennon lived when he was shot.
Visiting the Statue of Liberty... You can *barely* see it in the background... Look closely:
And my husband! I really *love* this photo of him... I love how the light is coming in from behind him:
Me, slightly upset and LOST, in NYC... did I mention I was tired too? We walked OVER 180 blocks the day before! (isn't that isane?)
Well, that's all I got from NYC... Some of my favorite shots of iconic buildings didn't turn out too good due to the moving bus factor. Oh well... guess I need to take another trip. ;)
On to more randomness... I edited these two shots last night and I am in love with them:
love, love, love them both!
well, good night to all... I'm off to a date with my hubbie now! Music and drinks at the Sugar Land Town Hall jazz concert... should be relaxing and fun!
xoxo, reata

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Frank the Tank said...

Chris kinda looks like the Edge in one of those pics!!