may is closed [and other random stuff].

may hasn't even started yet, but it is officially closed for bookings! please, if you are interested in booking with me... check your calendars for june becauase that is the next available month! sessions typically need to be booked with me 3 to 4 weeks in advance to ensure that you get in for the time you are interested in... FYI! :)
and now the random stuff:

a floating cigarette in a glass of water. gross, but kind of pretty.

oh hey! this is me! taking a photo of myself in a glass sliding door.

and that's my friend, M, behind me putting antlers on me. :)
okay, enough for one night.... reata


bachelorette fun.

what a weekend! i attended [and got to do some photojournalism for] a fabulously relaxing bachelorette party this past weekend... on the lake! the beautiful bride-to-be is one of my bestest friends from highschool... and this party was THE perfect party for her - laid back and fun. anyhow, just *had* to post of few of my favorite shots from this weekend.... enjoy SV! ;)

[gorgeous ring, huh?!]
[click on the above photo to make it bigger... for some reason it uploaded really small]
i'll have more to share very soon! xoxoxo, reata


little baby bumble B.

you may remember this little cutie (Miss B) from an earlier posting i had from the E Family... i took their family photos for them a couple of weekend ago. anyhow, i just had to share some new favorites... look how sweet these are! her eyes are so expressive! :)


baby on board.

look out peeps - there's a baby on board! and this hip momma and poppa can't wait to greet their little bundle of joy! i did this belly session with one of my good friends, J, and her husband, J. their little baby girl, AJ, is due to arrive in just a little over 2 weeks! enjoy your sneak peek J1 and J2! ;)

[what did we call this one? the magical kiss?? ha!]

[look at these tiny converse! so cute!]


i heart design.

yippy!! my new business cards arrived today! i custom designed them myself... and i am super happy with how they turned out! luscious shades of pink & lime colors with my photos gracing both sides... all printed on pearl press-printed paper... they are oh-so-modern & extra yummy, if i do say so myself! :) of course, i had to document the occassion.... so, here they are fresh from the press:


okay, these next two pics are very random. i found this little guy peeping out from under our couch this afternoon and he was screaming for some attention.... so i took his picture. he's a funny looking little fellow, don't you think?


fill 'er up.

well, let it be heard: i am raising my fee for traveling. i have to - since gas is costing nearly $100 a gallon these days! no really though. gas prices are, as you're probably well aware, through the roof and it is unfortunate but true... i have to start charging more for traveling over 60 miles round-trip. prices are listed here for you to view under the tab labled 'pricing' and are in affect for all sessions booked from today on out. { if you already have your session date secured with me, then this doesn't apply to you. }

remember when gas used to be under $1.00?! and then neighboring gas stations would have a price war and prices would drop to like $.89!?! gone are the days...

it takes a lot of gas to fuel this big ol' van of mine. (yes, i said van. yes, i'm only 27. stop laughing.)

ciao for now! ;)


the E family.

what an adorable family these 3 were! they were cute as a button and loaded with personality. and i feel the need to mention that little miss B did awesome - especially considering we sort of infringed on her naptime! she's a curious little thing... you could tell she wasn't sure about me and my big ol' black camera i kept cramming in her face... tried to grab it a couple of times even. anyhow, here's a little sneak peek for you M and J - enjoy, there's *plenty* more to come! ;)


april is closed; may is open!

april is officially closed for booking - there is no possible way i can squeeze another session into april... and may is likely to fill up quickly, so book now to make sure you get in for the date you want!

i look forward to meeting you!


ray of sunshine.

goodness - 2 out of my 3 girls were sick today. the eldest A has strep throat and my littlest A has a *really* bad cold. poor little things. in the midst of it all, my little ray of sunshine and i stepped outside to snap up a couple of photos. ain't she cute? :)

deep into the blue.

yesterday was so much fun! i had a senior session with a girl who had some of the most amazing blue eyes i've ever seen. i mean seriously - look at them! {actually, blogger steals some of the color out of photos when you post, so what you're seeing on your screen right now, actually doesn't do justice to what i'm seeing here in my digital darkroom... they are truely killer.}

anyhow, it was great to meet you H and L - enjoy your sneak peek:

much more to come. xoxo - reata



wow - this is a new spin on things.... here is a couple of photos of me! :)

got a new haircut tonight and thought it would be fun to show it off... but i'm not sure if you can see it too well on these photos - oops! anyhow, the very talented Lynn @ Creati'f Spa & Salon in Sugar Land *always* cuts my hair and did a fantastic job tonight... love the red & dark brownish black color combo, Lynn!

my attempt at a self portrait... i took this photo using a mirror.
my sweet husband tried his hand with the camera and took these... good job, my love!

at any rate, excuse my poor lighting on these photos... it was rather dark. and... if you are in the market for a new do, go see Lynn! she ROCKS!