a promise is a promise.


yes, i know... it's november 9th already and we've all moved on... halloween seems like 5 months ago already! BUT, because i promised my 3 little girls and my nephew i'd share *their* halloween photos too just like i did with all the little ones from my halloween mini-sessions, i will. so, please sit back and enjoy another little costume parade...

pirate ring.
she really did rock this costume.
my little ballerina fairy.
ballerina fairy.

super sweet.
and my tiny ballerina fairy.
with the wand.
she kept tossing her wand aside.
little ballerina fairy.
my spooky nephew:

don't let the costume fool you... he's really quite lovable:
happy halloween... in november.
xoxo, reata

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Lauren Nicole said...

OMG, LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! How cute! They all turned out AMAZING!