at the school yard.

this one's for you T! day 2 of your senior session is almost complete... can't wait to share 'em with you! i'm really diggin the sun flare on photo 2, btw.


Yo - Check it.

The website is finally up and running!


the M sisters.

goodness gracious... these two little sugars were so much fun to take pictures of. big sis has so much spunk and personality that you can't help but smile when you're around her.... and little sis is so stinking cute that you just want to kiss her little cheeks! there's a lot more of this duo to come...



what a bundle of fun they are... i love em to pieces. anyhow, similar photos are going to be up on my website {which hopefully will be up in the next 24 hours!}, but i couldn't wait to share some of the ones that didn't make the website cut! i just think they are so funny/cute. ;)


family session: part 2.

so, i'm sitting here editing away and i just couldn't resist putting more of these up... part 2 of the sneak peek from the family session i did last weekend. cute, cute, cute. :)



if this little guy doesn't make you smile... than nothing will. period.


all in the family.

here is a VERY quick sneak peek at the family session from today! there are many, many, MANY more to come! ;)


too cute.

okay, seriously. these were too cute not to share.


talk to me!

New contact feature added to my blog............. look to the right of the page under about me ------->

If you'd like to book a session with me or inquire about a session, please contact me at Reata@SugarShotsPhotographySite.com .


believe it or not - she actually enjoyed me *making* her look at these books just so i could snap a few photos. what a cutie. ;)



Here are some sneak peeks from the senior photo shoot last weekend. Hope you like 'em Taylor (and Momma Betsy too!)... there are PLENTY more to come!

PS - I'm glad you forgot that extra pair of shoes because the barefeet turned out sooo cute!

Cute Couple Alert

What an adorable, fun couple... I love my sis-in-law Lauren & her bf Brantly!


Miss Blue Eyes

She's such a great baby..... Never cries, sleeps through the night, and always looks great for pictures. :)