round 2: the music is made.

here are a couple more [okay well, maybe more like 6 or 7!] from W's senior session the other day... i just *luv* how these turned out... so cool.

[looks like he's waiting for his gig to start, doesn't it?]
[ below: W's hofner bass... just like sir paul! ]

super cool:

xoxo. reata


happy mutha's day.

happy mother's day to all the beautiful mommies out there! these next photos are for you - i surrended my camera over to my other half today in order to get some pics of me with my 3 little girls... well, as you can imagine... no one wanted to participate, save for me.
[can you relate??] enjoy. ;)

everyone looks rather annoyed here:
this one *kinda* works... weeeell, not really.squeeeeeeze:
big sis is trying to console littlest one:
forced hug:
if you payed close attention, you probably noticed that i was the ONLY one who smiled in every photo... big surprise! :)
xoxo. reata

the music man.

gosh, this was definitely a fun senior session today... walking around town with W and getting to know him a bit... we have a lot in common, i think. like first of all, i think we enjoy some of the same music... [yes W, i heard you jammin out in the car when i first got to the session... and yes, i thought it was awesome! :) ] and then secondly, i have a feeling we both have a deep appreciation for a certain past era... hmmm... like possibly the 60s?! (correct me if i'm wrong!)anyhow, enjoy your sneak peek, W... there is *plenty* more to come!
check out his sweet little smile!

'danger: high voltage' so cool...

love this one:

see why i called this post 'the music man'? this kid rocks! :)

check back soon for more of this fun session! xoxo.


the bump.

holy smokes! check out just how smokin hot this soon-to-be-momma is... i mean seriously, she's so stinkin cute!! i had so much fun this afternoon walking around dowtown with miss J and her hubby S... they are both so adorable and in love... and they absolutely *can't wait* for their upcoming arrival! hope you enjoy this little sneak peek, J and S!

much love...... xoxoxo! reata


big girls.

okay. here are 3 more of my 2 big girls... love em! but gosh, i can't believe how quickly these kids grow!

you'd think my biggest A was at least 12 in the above photo... she's far from it. more of my little jungle dressed child... i *wish* the colors would show up on blogger the way i see them on my monitor... they look MUCH better than what you see! :-l
that's all for now. xoxo.


my little A's.

well, this weekend i was on a mission to get some 'together' photos of my three little A's; however, once again, i got more individual pics than together. oh well, take what you can get, huh?!

[ this is the ONLY one i got of them together! ]
they crack me up.

my little jungle honey... and of course, my littlest A... slobber and all.

and here are some more of momma-to-be-J! she and her hubby love converse... can you tell? ;)