i can't believe that in only a few short days APRIL will be here already! this year is flying by soooo fast.

which leads me to my next topic... if you would like to book a session for april, there are only a couple of slots left. please contact me as soon as possible, so that i can hopefully accomodate you on your preferred date. i can't wait to meet you... whoever *you* may be! :)

and because i can hardly justify posting something on my blog without using a photo... here is a cute little ditty i put together from this past easter weekend! doesn't Miss L look soooo adorable holding that cute little chick?! love, love love it!


the K family

goodness gracious - what a trip this session was! we laughed, we played, and we walked... and walked... and walked some more... all in all, about a mile or so. the kids did great though... it was mommy A and i that i was worried about. the fact that my body was sore for the full day afterwards is a sure sign that i am completely out of shape... now that's sad!

K family, enjoy your sneak peek.... these were some of my instant faves! xoxo.


tribute to the man.

i had the honor of photographing someone i hold in the highest regards this past weekend... someone who means the world to me... someone who is an extremely dedicated father and hardworker.... my dad.

here's a sneak peek from some of the photos of our session together.... a day in the life of the man behind j&j precision machining. enjoy! ;)

love you daddy! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo............ reata


sweet design.

here is yet another super logo draft for sugar shots created by the fabulous designer erika jones. i really like this one a lot... the lollipops look so tasty and the colors are so yummy.

playing around.

this is just for fun... before and afters (textured photos).


i don't know... i like them all before and after. so, i guess i'm sort of middle of the road on this!

ps - that's miss V again. i know she has some fans out there. :)



when i get bored, i take pictures of all sorts of random stuff.

so.... i've been driving past this fabulous slab of concrete on a detour route to my mom's house for the past month or so and i everytime i see it, i think to myself - "that it would look *really* cool in some photos... but what's my subject gonna be?" as it turns out, my shoes!

and here are a few random shots of my little A...

i love her little expression in this last one... so funny! :)


camera talk.

here is the lovely miss V again. this time she's sportin one of her favorite accessories.... her camera!

btw, i loooooooove these! ;) so cool.


fresh look.

I've got some exciting news..... The amazing logo designer Erika Jones is working with me to create a fresh, new look for Sugar Shots Photography! She and I have been brainstorming about ideas (I love the idea of incorporating candy into the logo!) and we are currently narrowing down colors for the color scheme... but things are coming about nicely! This is the first rough draft she sent to me (see below)! Isn't it adorable?!

I'll keep you guys posted as she developes new drafts based our last correspondence yesterday!
Edited to Say - Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this logo! Thanks!


i heart seniors.

oh. my. gosh. i just *love* doing senior sessions!

this past weekend i was fortunate enough to take some senior pics for one of the coolest seniors i know. thanks V for making me feel like astrid kirchherr! *wink* (since you're a beatles fan too, i know you'll get that!)

note her really AWESOME beatles shirt - i MUST get one!

more photos of Miss V to come soon!


bun in the oven!

This was such a fun photo session - Mommie M was so sweet and adorable... not to mention tiny. (btw, don't even get me started talking about how precious soon-to-be-BIG-sis E is - We'll be here for days. i can't wait to post some of the cute ones i got of her...)

Anyhow, despite almost getting run over by some wild golf cart drivers in an underground tunnel, we managed to beat the odds and get some awesome shots............. Take a peek. ;)


holy smokes

how could i forget to post this? my Little A is just oh-so-squishy and cute!
i mean gosh, look at those cheeks.


tutu + pink + little girl = cute!

so, i said i'd post more from this session... and since i am no liar... here it is! i love pink + i love tutus... so i knew i'd love these before i even saw them in the digital darkroom!

{ i never figured out what she was looking at thru this fence, but it sure did hold her attention long enough for me to snap away - which was a good thing. }

and oh! these are radiant.... i love how the sun looks here... so bright... so brilliant... so COOL! ;)



this little family is classic... LOVED taking their photos! here are some of my instant faves:
Miss M

Little Miss M

LOVE this one... the kids faces say it all.

I have a few more I'll have to post soon... there are so many cute ones from this session! ;)