i knew i couldn't wait... here it is 12:18 a.m. and even though i am tired beyond tired, i just *had* to work on a few of these super cute engagement photos from this evening! this is just the tip of the iceberg guys... check back soon for some more peeks into your session! thanks for a good time, L & T! ;)
isn't this just too sweet? xoxo, reata


branching out.

i've been hard at work today... i've been commissioned by Bobby of Mae-Ray Enterprises LLC to design a logo. i had so much fun coming up with the color scheme and design... i hope i get to do this more often! this is the first rough draft i sent to him earlier tonight... leave me comment if you feel so obliged & let me know what you think. :)

* click to enlarge *

xoxo, reata


the L kids.

the L family kids - such a fun, adorable bunch of little ones! little sweet baby C was just oh-so-precious... and her two big brothers were so handsome and *full* of personality! here are just a few from their session..... enjoy!

i think she got sick of me being in her face.

look at how handsome these two are... seriously... wow!

i like this conversion too... kinda has an old feel to it...

xoxo, reata


squishy. little. puff-ball.

here's a few more from our trip the other weekend to fredricksburg... only have time to post a few because my love and i are heading out to Austin for a fun little over night date [withOUT the kids! :) ]!

she's soooo squishy! :)
grandma, grandpa, and little A... look at her puffy hair!

also, i am excited to announce that sugar shots is going to be shooting a wedding!

yep, that's right.... come late august, i'll be taking the role of wedding photographer and i am so pumped up about it! i'll be heading over to shirley acres in spring, texas for a day filled with all sorts of wedding fun... can't wait K and R! ;)

xoxo, reata



oh-me-oh-my! i have no patience for *me* tonight.... i have been working on my photos from my family's recent trip to fredricksburg, texas for the past two nights and i can't stand it any longer... i've GOT to post at least a couple! these two are of my middle A at our stop in Johnson City... these were taken at the family home of our 36th president.... lyndon b. johnson!

[ i swear. she came up with BOTH of these poses on her own! clever, huh? ]
i'll post more later. it's late. i'm tired. goodnight!
xoxo- reata



goodness me. my middle A is turning out to be *JUST* like me... when she was first born, everyone said 'oh reata! she doesn't look a thing like you... she is juuuust like Chris!' or 'my, if i didn't know better, i wouldn't even think that was your child!'
well folks, maybe she doesn't *look* like me, but she certainly does ACT like me... even down to her obsessive attention to detail and cleanliness! for weeks now, she's gotten completely into spraying things down with her little pink water bottle and cleaning them, wiping out the bathtub for hours, and even folding clothes... she even folds our dirty laundry in the hamper [so stinkin' cute!]! so, eat your heart out molly maids... cuz heeeeeeeeeeeres A!
upon entering my room the other day, i was greeted by this face...
...and this neat circle of clothes.

also, i ran across these on my computer tonight and fell in love with them again... i don't think i ever posted them!
look at how *cute* she is:

so sweet... aw!
much love.
xoxo, reata