costume parade.


let the halloween costume parade begin! here are some of the sweeties from yesterday's halloween mini-sessions....... enjoy! :)

little princess.
soooo adorable!
[btw, my *nearly*4 yr old saw the above photo of little snow white and thought she was a doll!]
she's such a happy little thing... so cute!
*love* this b/w:
ballerina, up close.


okay. seriously. how cute is this cowboy?!?!

isn't she just so cute?! just wanna squeeze & hug her!

xoxo, reata


sweet, little E.


Just a super quick sneak peek for the adorable Miss E! I had lots of fun meeting you, A, D & E(and Granny too!)... and I can't wait to show you more from our fun session! I promise... more to come *very* soon! ;)

i *love* how cute her little lips look in this b&w... so squishy and sweet!
xoxo, reata



bold, blue eyes.

can i just admit that when i look at this photo, i just melt?! this is my littlest A (for new followers of this blog, i must tell you that i have three little girls and their names all start with A). she had just gotten out of the bath and was being all lovey with me... so of course, i did what any other loving mother would do.... i drug her outside and made her sit on the hard concrete so i could take some photos of her! no really, she didn't seem to mind the concrete at all. but, i felt bad because her little knees were getting all buffed looking. SO, i only took 5 pictures... and these are my favorites!

little A
just so sweet!


who says summer is over?

this *is* texas, after all! and although the calendar says fall is upon us, the thermometer says NO! some of you reading this might not be familiar with texas 'fall' weather... so, let me tell you... the myth it true. it is hot here. we hardly have any cold days. and no, our trees rarely change any other color than brown [dead leaves ;) ]! now, since we've gotten that bit of info straight, let me move on to the two cuties featured in this sneak peek... thanks to the above mentioned, age old-battle of the seasons, i had the perfect chance to take photos of the A girls doing what they love most.... swimming! swimming is their world and man! do they do it well! had fun hanging with you, A and A... enjoy your sneak peek! :)

*love* these b&w close ups. classic.

"what are you looking at?"


more classic b&w...

xoxo, reata


business card design.

after working with stacy fetterman photography on her logo and watermark design, she had me design her business card next! i love how it turned out... makes me want to redesign my own business card [although i love mine too... hmm, to redesign or not to redesign? that is the question...]. anyhow, here is her new card!
*photography on card design is by stacy fetterman photography.


and one on the way.

when you meet a couple as fun as L and M at a session, you just *know* you're gonna have some fun images! and that was precisely case the other day. i felt like i had been hanging around with these two for longer than just a couple of hours... we joked, laughed, were goofy... and ultimately, came up with some awesome shots! enjoy your sneak peek guys... there's plenty more to come! :)
such a cutie!
*love* this one:

the secret is out....

xoxo, reata


stacy fetterman photography.

another logo and watermark set complete...... this time around it was for stacy fetterman photography! i can't wai to see it hit your website and marketing materials, stacy!



xoxo, reata