halloween special.

halloween mini-sessions are here!
what? costume clad kids striking ghoulish poses
when? october 26th
where? richmond, texas
how much? $20
here's what you get:
15 minute mini-session*
5 - 10 ghoulish proofs in a password protected gallery
2 FREE 5x7s
*limited to ONE child per mini-session
email to set up an appointment... limited slots available!
Download PDF flyer HERE
to distribute to friends & family everywhere!


bRING on the love.

okay, so this is a little past due... but! better late, than never! here are some of my favorite shots from the weddding i did a few weeks ago. again, it was so much fun R & K... thanks for having me! oh, and happy 1 month anversary [in 23 minutes it will be the 30th :) ]!

the dress.

tying the knot = easy.
tying a tie = not so easy.

loved the favors... so cute!

"i do"... with a smile!
*super* cute...
the sign-in records were a #1 hit! ;)


xoxo, reata


ike, the storm.

what a sunset... what a storm! goodness, i can't even begin to tell you how scared i was in the few hours before hurricane ike hit this past week. there's just something about mother nature and the fierce way she can treat us sometimes that freaks me out... i guess it's because the destiny of your home, land, material possessions, and... um... life is *almost* completely out of your control during a storm such as a hurricane.

i am *very* glad to say though that besides some minor damage to my fence, me and my family are perfectly safe! we were without power for a few days, but we are some of the lucky ones that have it back up now. there are still thousands (hundreds of thousands, actually) who are still without power... in the texas heat. yuck!

here are two more photos of the sunset we had right before the storm hit... these were taken in my mother & father-in-law's backyard... simply amazing!

it looked as though Jesus should have been rising out of these clouds... it was seriously STUNNING!
okay, i'll be back to post more later! i am leaving for NYC tomorrow with my hubbie for our anniversary! woo hoo!! we are so pumped up! :)

xoxo, reata


hurricane ike.

due to hurricane ike arriving here in the houston area tomorrow, i will be unavailable for the next few days (starting today) as i prepare with my family to embrace this crazy storm. and let me tell you... the "fun" has already begun. i waited in line for 30 minutes to get gas this morning and a neighboring gas station had already run out of gas. then i hit up the grocery stores looking for food, water, and supplies.... there was hardly anything left! i got the last two cans of baby formula in the entire store!

anyhow, please be patient.... i will return emails and will resume working on editing photos soon!

xoxo, reata


sun. shine.

"well helloooooo, sunshine!" ...the above photo just screams that at me for some reason! i mean seriously, is there anything cuter and more sweet than a little baby face?! especially one that looks like that?! the answer: no. flat out, no.
this little sweet pea was incredibly easy to work with and i was so happy to visit with this family again... i could have hung out and talked with them all day if i could [and i tried to, didn't i M?!]! enjoy the sneak peek guys!

*the* most amazing baby hair... ever.


xoxo, reata.


sister, sister.

no, i'm not talkin about the 90's television sitcom with tia and tamera... i'm talkin about these two adorable sisters [who also happen to be my nieces!]! earlier this year, i shot some family photos for them... this time around it was just *all* about them... and they LOVED it!! oh. my. gosh. posing, smiling.... they just completely ate it up and they loved being my models for the afternoon! i had so much fun with you ladies... can't wait to do it again!!

miss b:

miss l:

and one more of miss b again....

xoxo, aunt reata ;)

this little piggy.

i love baby toes! so cute. okay, so this is little S again... you may remember her from my 2 for 1 post last week..... she was baby #2 in that post. anyhow, here she is again! she did so great in her session, as did her mom and dad who let me wonder through their house looking for cool places to photograph.... imagine my amazement when i made this HUGE discovery:

i didn't even know bears came in this size!

her daddy is a HUGE chicago bears fan!

sample storyboard:
and a few more....

woof, woof.

xoxo, reata


blog baby, blog!

look at that face - so sweet! you may recall this little tyke from just two posts back... remember now?! okay, well... i just have to say i love these! not only was mom and dad fun to work with [they let me arrange & re-arrange their furniture without throwing me out!], but the little one was a perfect, little angel and only got mad at me once for being in her face [not to mention, she only tinkled on the floor once too! woo hoo! ;)] enjoy the preview!

mommy j hearts dunkin donut coffee.

love these. :)

sample storyboard:

xoxo, reata