lend me your ears. and eyes.

you ever gotten something new and felt like it was too awesome to actually be used? i know that sounds crazy, but i'm positive that's had to have happened to everyone at least once in their life.

i know it's happend to me a few [hundred] times for sure. one of my first recollections of this was when i was maybe 7 or 8. i got a brand new bedspread.... my first ever set that *i* actually picked out and that wasn't a hand-me-down. i remember spending weeks, maybe even months, picking it out in a catalog and then slowly persuading my mom to purchase it for me. then after it arrived, i loved it so much that i never wanted to unmake my bed. i actually slept ON TOP of my bedding in a sleeping bag. for weeks. seriously. i know... i must be nuts. but it made perfect sense to me.

i was reminded of my perfect bedding this week when my dad got himself a new truck [you may remember him from this session]. my dad's one of those awesome old school men... you know, the kind of hard working man you just don't see around too much anymore who can literally build you anything you want out of anything he finds laying around. so, he got a new truck monday, after driving the same truck for literally TWENTY years! i was so excited for him when i saw it monday... a brand new, shiny dodge ram... fully loaded and decked out with chrome trimmings. it even has a CD player might i add... a luxury not in his previous truck. it was glorious and i was so happy for him.

today... three days later... it is still sitting on the driveway in the same spot as monday. go figure.

here is a sneak peek from my last session... one of the cutest little families ever.

with the parents.
recognize him?
and her?
not sure.


and, some of the beautiful parents:

here's lookin' at you.



xoxo, reata


Lauren Nicole said...

Love the pics to the B fam! SOOOO cute! They all turned out great!

Stacy Fetterman said...

Awe the memories in that old truck. All the trips to and from school. PS-I think the bedspread thing might have been part of your OCD. ;)