Wet paint.

I am surrounded by wet paint... and it smells.
Since the big move down the road to our new house (did I ever mention that we only moved about 4 to 5 minutes away from our last house? Yeah well... it's true), we have been fortunate enough to have my mother-in-law hire us painters to come paint the entire interior of our home. [I guess she realizes that it would take us *foreeeeever* to get around to doing it with three kids at foot.] Anyhow - WOW! It's looking fantastic! It's so nice to not have to do-it-yourself....
BUT, we are going on Day 5 tomorrow and I think the smell of paint is starting to get to me. I've never had so many headaches in my life.... and if I have drive around town one more day looking for things to go do in order to get the kids out of the house and away from the painters, I think I might cry! We made three trips to Target in less than 24 hours this week alone... just to *look* around!?! I mean, don't get me wrong... I'm all (and I mean alllll) for a trip to Target, it is my favorite store and all, but man! Tomorrow should be the last day of painting... And then I can just enjoy. :)
Here is a logo I completed over the Christmas holiday for the custom embroidery business, Initial Memories. I think this logo turned out fabulous... which means it perfectly fits the two owners (sisters!) of the business. Love it, Ladies!

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