Catching up.

Well, since my last post when I excitedly announced how I had re-gained internet access again... I once again lost it! Seriously... What the heck? I had internet service for about 2 or 3 hours and then nada. Nothing was working.... And I was more than frustrated.

But, it wasn't anything that a two hour phone call to my internet provider and another visit from a technician 2 days later couldn't solve! I now have the internet again [fingers crossed]...
woo hoo!

Anyhow, since I've been MIA for such a long time I have a ton of stuff to post... I thought I'd start with my adorable little nieces from Austin, Texas. These three little sweeties had fun walking around with their mom and aunt taking "modeling" pictures... all until about the last 10 minutes.... You'll see what I mean in a minute. Unfortunately for my sister (their mom), I got a ton of photos of her oldest daughter and not as many of her younger two. I couldn't help it.... Her oldest was throwing all sorts of serious poses my way....
I just *had* to snap away!

For Instance:

brown eyes.
And this one:
And this is my favorite of her:
love it.
But, I DID get some of the other two.... :)
I love the photo on the right... the sun was in her eyes a tad so she kinda winked at me.
I love these too... Especially the one on the right... I love the look on their faces!
And of course, we took some time out to play... like always:
Okay, here is one of the last ones I took... when their spirits were starting to fade.
almost done.
And, the last one of the day... I couldn't make them go on any longer after this.... I love this one though... so expressive!
last one.

Okay, well, assuming I still have internet access tomorrow, I will try to post some more. I've got a birthday party to get ready to go to.... Later!


Anonymous said...

Well, I must say, those have to be the cutest kids ever! Poor Audrey at the end... - Marla

kberry said...

I can't believe how big they've all gotten. Absolutely adorable!