I'm back....

...And boy does it feel *GOOD*!! I've been with out the internet for nearly 3 (THREE!!!) weeks.... but as of this afternoon, I'm back! I never realized how much I'd miss it, till it was gone. It's pretty amazing how much of my life (not to mention my photography business) is wrapped up in this amazing, little illuminated screen that sits so nicely on my big, black desk. I can't even tell you how many times I wanted to blog, work on a picture, shop online, look up the number to Pizza Hut (who needs an actual phone book anymore when you got the web?), etc and all I had was the tiny screen on my iPhone to do it on. Well, actually, I can't work on my photography on my iPhone... all I can really do on there is check out a website or two... Or look up a phone number. And even those internet privileges starts to seem annoying when all you've got for nearly 3 weeks is an iPhone's tiny screen to look at!
Anyhow, needless to say, the point of this totally boring post was just to let you all out there in The Land of the Internet know that I am still alive and well...
My move is complete.
We are *almost* all settled in.
Christmas was hectic, crazy, and a blur... but it went well.
And, now I am back up on the world wide web.
So, expect to see more of me soon and expect more timely email replies.
And, since no post is complete with out a photo... here is a random photo of a little pig. I saw this little guy in my daughter's room when we were moving and thought he needed his photo taken. He looks so lonely.
Later, reata

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