Design: Touch of Peace.

Just finished up a little custom business card design for Scott with Touch of Peace Massage + Energy Work.... Which, might I add, turned out in my opinion super awesome! But to take the awesomeness to another level, I gotta throw this little bit of info at you: Scott is a really amazing massage therapist in the SW Houston area who knows how to get your muscles feeling loose as a goose!

Seriously - when your back and body is all tide up in knots like mine is all. of. the. time. and your husband's poor little hands are so tired from rubbing your muscles every night then you just have to treat yourself to this kinda thing every so often. It's necessary for survial! [Really, sometimes I get worried that my little body is slowly starting to fall apart on me... I'm not old enough to be aching like this everyday... Or am I?]

Anyhow, back to Scott: This boy is great at what he does and not to mention he is just as sweet as can be. For real. And, I'm not just saying that because he happens to be my brother! :)


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