I scream for icecream.

Whew. Today was rough... I had to be the "bad guy" today and take my two youngest in to the doctor's office to get their shots. My 1 year old only got two, but my 4 year old had to get a whopping FIVE shots! I have been nervous about this day for about 3 months now, so I had been talking up how easy it is to get shots and how they keep all the bad diseases away. At first glance this morning, both my girls seemed ready and willing to go.... Until we got there. My 4 year old tried her hardest to be brave... And in my opinion, she did rather well. She even told me that she'd let her baby sister go first this time... Wow, how kind of her. :)

However, when the nurse kindly asked me to lay my body over Little A's and hold her arms down, the brave little lady that once sat there vanished and she was replaced with a tearful little girl in panic! My heart was nearly torn from my chest when she stopped the tears long enough to whimper, "Mommy, no... Stop it! Don't let her do it!"

After all the horror was over with, we headed over the local soda fountain for an old fashioned milk shake, fudge sundae, and bowl of cherries (about 10 cherries, to be exact). Things got much better from there on out... for me too. I no longer felt like such a monster and I was suddenly the hero again. Hooray for icecream!

Anyhow, moving along to the real reason behind this post... This past Monday I had the pleasure of hanging out with a real sweetie again. She's been on this blog several times now... here and here. This session was to celebrate her 1 year birthday... Only thing, illness struck when we least expected it! The poor little dear had a slight fever and wasn't too excited about having me follow her around.... I later found out from her momma that her fever nearly reached 104 later that night! Anyhow, because she obviously wasn't feeling up to parr, we opted to cut her session a bit short and I'll be visiting with her again this coming weekend... BUT, I think we got a few great shots that are definitely noteworthy.


little. miss.

Hope you feel better soon, Little Miss E!

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