i heart design.

yippy!! my new business cards arrived today! i custom designed them myself... and i am super happy with how they turned out! luscious shades of pink & lime colors with my photos gracing both sides... all printed on pearl press-printed paper... they are oh-so-modern & extra yummy, if i do say so myself! :) of course, i had to document the occassion.... so, here they are fresh from the press:


okay, these next two pics are very random. i found this little guy peeping out from under our couch this afternoon and he was screaming for some attention.... so i took his picture. he's a funny looking little fellow, don't you think?


Stacy Fetterman said...

I love 'em!

tracylynnb said...

They are absolutely GORGEOUS! May I ask where you ordered them through? I've been having trouble with my printer lately and looking for a new lab.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the cards would have looked better with some pictures of the Rice girls on them. They are super cute. I haven't actually met them in person, but I saw their pics on your website.

meggie said...

GREAT cards, LOVE the color and design, they should attract lots fo fun attention! The card stock also looks nice and thick!