wow - this is a new spin on things.... here is a couple of photos of me! :)

got a new haircut tonight and thought it would be fun to show it off... but i'm not sure if you can see it too well on these photos - oops! anyhow, the very talented Lynn @ Creati'f Spa & Salon in Sugar Land *always* cuts my hair and did a fantastic job tonight... love the red & dark brownish black color combo, Lynn!

my attempt at a self portrait... i took this photo using a mirror.
my sweet husband tried his hand with the camera and took these... good job, my love!

at any rate, excuse my poor lighting on these photos... it was rather dark. and... if you are in the market for a new do, go see Lynn! she ROCKS!


Stacy said...

Your hair looks great hun, but i love the new banner!

Tamera said...

Definitely a different color for you, (unless you count the dye that's all over my HS bathroom) haha

Tamera said...

Looks GREAT!!!