fill 'er up.

well, let it be heard: i am raising my fee for traveling. i have to - since gas is costing nearly $100 a gallon these days! no really though. gas prices are, as you're probably well aware, through the roof and it is unfortunate but true... i have to start charging more for traveling over 60 miles round-trip. prices are listed here for you to view under the tab labled 'pricing' and are in affect for all sessions booked from today on out. { if you already have your session date secured with me, then this doesn't apply to you. }

remember when gas used to be under $1.00?! and then neighboring gas stations would have a price war and prices would drop to like $.89!?! gone are the days...

it takes a lot of gas to fuel this big ol' van of mine. (yes, i said van. yes, i'm only 27. stop laughing.)

ciao for now! ;)

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Kristin said...

Would it cost the same if Chris had to drive the van? I guess we'll find out this summer. :)