who says summer is over?

this *is* texas, after all! and although the calendar says fall is upon us, the thermometer says NO! some of you reading this might not be familiar with texas 'fall' weather... so, let me tell you... the myth it true. it is hot here. we hardly have any cold days. and no, our trees rarely change any other color than brown [dead leaves ;) ]! now, since we've gotten that bit of info straight, let me move on to the two cuties featured in this sneak peek... thanks to the above mentioned, age old-battle of the seasons, i had the perfect chance to take photos of the A girls doing what they love most.... swimming! swimming is their world and man! do they do it well! had fun hanging with you, A and A... enjoy your sneak peek! :)

*love* these b&w close ups. classic.

"what are you looking at?"


more classic b&w...

xoxo, reata

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