bold, blue eyes.

can i just admit that when i look at this photo, i just melt?! this is my littlest A (for new followers of this blog, i must tell you that i have three little girls and their names all start with A). she had just gotten out of the bath and was being all lovey with me... so of course, i did what any other loving mother would do.... i drug her outside and made her sit on the hard concrete so i could take some photos of her! no really, she didn't seem to mind the concrete at all. but, i felt bad because her little knees were getting all buffed looking. SO, i only took 5 pictures... and these are my favorites!

little A
just so sweet!


Anonymous said...

Wow...just WOW!!! I dont even have the words...She is so beautiful...nice work!!!!

Lauren Nicole said...

She is the most precious baby! :)

January said...

Love her! She is precious!