squishy. little. puff-ball.

here's a few more from our trip the other weekend to fredricksburg... only have time to post a few because my love and i are heading out to Austin for a fun little over night date [withOUT the kids! :) ]!

she's soooo squishy! :)
grandma, grandpa, and little A... look at her puffy hair!

also, i am excited to announce that sugar shots is going to be shooting a wedding!

yep, that's right.... come late august, i'll be taking the role of wedding photographer and i am so pumped up about it! i'll be heading over to shirley acres in spring, texas for a day filled with all sorts of wedding fun... can't wait K and R! ;)

xoxo, reata


Jenessa said...

OMG!!!! Little A's Hair is sooooo cute. I will see you at the wedding if not earlier.

Lauren Nicole said...

Little A kind of looks like your mom!

Anonymous said...

Allie has awesome stick-up hair!!