goodness me. my middle A is turning out to be *JUST* like me... when she was first born, everyone said 'oh reata! she doesn't look a thing like you... she is juuuust like Chris!' or 'my, if i didn't know better, i wouldn't even think that was your child!'
well folks, maybe she doesn't *look* like me, but she certainly does ACT like me... even down to her obsessive attention to detail and cleanliness! for weeks now, she's gotten completely into spraying things down with her little pink water bottle and cleaning them, wiping out the bathtub for hours, and even folding clothes... she even folds our dirty laundry in the hamper [so stinkin' cute!]! so, eat your heart out molly maids... cuz heeeeeeeeeeeres A!
upon entering my room the other day, i was greeted by this face...
...and this neat circle of clothes.

also, i ran across these on my computer tonight and fell in love with them again... i don't think i ever posted them!
look at how *cute* she is:

so sweet... aw!
much love.
xoxo, reata


Lauren Nicole said...

My precious nieces!

Christopher Lee said...

Perfect title, great pictures!

shari said...

ha ha...how cute is she, with her little circle of clothes. Mine is obsessed with taking everything OUT of her drawers. *sigh* :)