Share God's Bounty.


I totally forgot... Yesterday when I was blogging about how crazy I was for taking on 4 sessions during the week of Thanksgiving, I totally forgot to mention that I was the photographer for a HUGE event called Share God's Bounty at St. Laurence Catholic Parish in Sugar Land, as well! The church fed 800 families Thanksgiving dinner... isn't that amazing?! I was literally walking around in a sea of turkey, mashed potatoes, and yams trying to snap photos of the hundreds of volunteers. [ Seriously. Have you ever seen 800 frozen turkeys? Well, I have. And let me tell you... it's pretty intense. ] I was so happy to be there... I felt really lucky to be the volunteer photographer! :)


the catholic school was the headquarters for all the food.


some gravy and scripture... the scripture is the gravy, right?


some of the turkey toters:


there were 1600 boxes... each family got 2 boxes of food.


some hardworking volunteers:


me and my sis-in-law:


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Lauren Nicole said...

HURRAY! I couldn't wait to see the pics! They turned out great! Even with the horrible fluorescent school lighting! :) So glad we got to be there together!