sister, sister.

no, i'm not talkin about the 90's television sitcom with tia and tamera... i'm talkin about these two adorable sisters [who also happen to be my nieces!]! earlier this year, i shot some family photos for them... this time around it was just *all* about them... and they LOVED it!! oh. my. gosh. posing, smiling.... they just completely ate it up and they loved being my models for the afternoon! i had so much fun with you ladies... can't wait to do it again!!

miss b:

miss l:

and one more of miss b again....

xoxo, aunt reata ;)


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love them!!! Cant wait to see the rest. You are the best Aunt!

Lauren Nicole said...

Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

LOL... okay, i just re-read my comment and realized I should clarify... You are one of the best Aunts. Sorry Aunt Lauren!