my little A's.

well, this weekend i was on a mission to get some 'together' photos of my three little A's; however, once again, i got more individual pics than together. oh well, take what you can get, huh?!

[ this is the ONLY one i got of them together! ]
they crack me up.

my little jungle honey... and of course, my littlest A... slobber and all.

and here are some more of momma-to-be-J! she and her hubby love converse... can you tell? ;)


Lauren Nicole said...

The most beautiful girls in the whole wide world!

Kristin said...

I second Lauren. Those are three gorgeous girls!!

Tamera said...

I freak out every time I see how BIG the "biggest A" is!!!!!!! They're all adorable!!!!

Cindy Harter said...

the last pic of your baby is just to doe for :) fabulous shot !
Cindy Harter