the music man.

gosh, this was definitely a fun senior session today... walking around town with W and getting to know him a bit... we have a lot in common, i think. like first of all, i think we enjoy some of the same music... [yes W, i heard you jammin out in the car when i first got to the session... and yes, i thought it was awesome! :) ] and then secondly, i have a feeling we both have a deep appreciation for a certain past era... hmmm... like possibly the 60s?! (correct me if i'm wrong!)anyhow, enjoy your sneak peek, W... there is *plenty* more to come!
check out his sweet little smile!

'danger: high voltage' so cool...

love this one:

see why i called this post 'the music man'? this kid rocks! :)

check back soon for more of this fun session! xoxo.


Tichenor Family said...

this is one of my BEST friend's brother! i think they found you through my blog. wahoo! they look great.

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

umm...the pics rock!