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gee whiz?! this is what i call fun... designing kick ass logos, creating awesome photographic memories, and working with cool people. i mean really, does it get any better than this?! aside from my family, i think this is *the* greatest thing since sliced bread!
anyhow, i had loads of fun designing this fun, hip, fresh look for sarah e evans photography... it's going to look great on your marketing material/website, girl! :) can't wait to catch a glimpse!
and just for fun, i thought i'd throw in a photo of none other than yours truly... ME! :) [ this is where the etcetera, etcetera part comes in. ] so yeah, this is me in austin, when my hubby and i went there for our fun, little over night trip *with out* any kids. nice job on the photography, hun. ;)

xoxo, reata

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Sarah e. Evans Photography said...

Looking Good!! And I LOVE my LOGO Thanks you are the BEST!