photo craze!

goodness, goodness! i loooooved these photos so much that couldn't decide which to post! ...so i am posting a *ton* of them! this cute little family - mommy S is one of my bestest friends ever, btw - did this photo shoot with me in order to get some father's day presents for dad! i just know he'll love them them, S... you guys are just TOO cute for words. enjoy!

i *love* this one... i mean, c'mon! look at little E's smile!
aren't these eyes just soooo adorable??
she was having a lot of fun here...

so sweet...

thanks for letting me snap up your photos, S, E, and Baby B! had a ton of fun!
xoxo, reata


Stacy Fetterman said...

Thanks again! I love 'em!

Stacy said...

they look so sweet

Colbert08 said...

You are so talented! These are great.